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What Should You Offer in Your Sportsbook?

When you look at how to become a bookie the easy way, every expert in the sports betting industry will tell you to go to a pay per head provider. These software service providers have a customizable and readily available sportsbook site for you to use. So if you are...

Maryland Sports Betting Bill is Gaining Traction

Efforts to legalize sports betting in Maryland have been quite extensive. Two plus years after the PASPA was repealed, Maryland still has not gone past the legislature in terms of sports betting policy. But now, it seems like we are finally getting traction, and we...

MLB Opening Day Recap

The MLB is now in its regular season, as we are just finished with the MLB Opening Day. And, much like the action you would see in a sports betting platform, a lot has happened in opening day alone. And with exciting games like the champions playing on opening day,...

March Madness Betting Could Bring in Billions in Handle

Betting on college basketball has always been popular. If you ask any pay per head service provider, they will tell you that bookies earn so much from college basketball- March Madness specifically. In fact, experts now estimate that this year’s March Madness could...

Oregon Sports Betting Handle Goes Down in February

A lot of states are seeing a dip in their sports betting handles in February. This is common during this time of year, despite the massive handle that sportsbooks get from the Super Bowl. But when you open a sportsbook, you should be aware of the behavior of the...

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BwagerWelcome to the Official Blog where you can learn about the Bookie Pay Per Head Industry from professionals. has been in business since 2013 and is know as one of the top Betting Software Company in the world.  In addition, since they began to offer their sportsbook pay per head services to the public, they are now the favorite PPH provider of choice.

Learn about the Pay Per Head Industry by reading our latest gambling news and current events in our blog. Furthermore, we even have a bookie tutorial section where you can learn how to become a bookie from A to Z!

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How to Open a Bookie Business

How to Read Bookie Reports

How to Read Bookie Reports

Once you are using a bookie pay per head software to run your online sportsbook, you will gain access to a lot of tools that will help you manage your sportsbook business. First, you can set and adjust lines or odds at any time. You can also add and edit players to...

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How to Be An Online Bookie

How to Be An Online Bookie

Getting into the sports betting business is much easier now that it was 10 years ago. From manual betting, you can now use software that is specifically made for bookies. But instead of investing thousands of dollars in putting up a company and all that, you can...

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