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2023 NBA All Star Lineup Announced

The 2023 NBA All Star Lineup will be held in Salt Lake City on February 19. Given what we have seen, the lineup will be driving people to your sportsbook pay per head site to place wagers on their favorite players. Of course, this will be a face off between Giannis...

New Jersey Sports Betting Industry Ends Year with Billion-Dollar Handle for December

New Jersey is known as one of the most successful sports betting markets in the US. They are the first state to break the billion-dollar monthly handle in the country. And the New Jersey sports betting industry continues to do well, judging from the latest report from...

How to Get Sports Betting Odds for Your Sportsbook

As a bookie, you will need to not just offer a nice sportsbook website. Rather, you also have to offer great value in sports betting odds. They have to be enticing enough to get people to bet on your sportsbook. When you learn how to open a sportsbook, you will...

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Not Play for Al-Nassr Yet

Cristiano Ronaldo is a name we have been hearing quite a lot the past few months. First, because of the World Cup. More recently, though, is the news that he will be playing for Al-Nassr, a move that, while unsurprising, was still a bit unexpected. The 37-year-old has...

Report on Sports Betting in Pennsylvania in November is Out

In the latest sports betting news at the network, we bring you the newest report on sports betting in Pennsylvania. The keystone state is one of the top states in the US in terms of generating sports betting volume as well as revenue. However, according to...

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BwagerWelcome to the Official Blog where you can learn about the Bookie Pay Per Head Industry from professionals. has been in business since 2013 and is know as one of the top Betting Software Company in the world.  In addition, since they began to offer their sportsbook pay per head services to the public, they are now the favorite PPH provider of choice.

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Choosing the Best Bookie Software

Choosing the Best Bookie Software

When it comes to choosing the best bookie software, you will be wanting the best you can get. There are considerations that will limit your options, such as your preferences, and your budget. But those concerns aside, what are certain things you need to look out for?...

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