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What Software Do You Use to Create a Sportsbook?

One of the requirements to become a bookie is to have a functional sportsbook- specifically, an online sportsbook. To those unfamiliar with the industry, this must mean that you need to hire someone, or buy an expensive software to get everything running. But in...

Spanish Gambling Industry Reports Upward Trend in Revenue

The latest gambling news takes us to Europe, as we take a look at the Spanish Gambling industry. Spain is not just a popular tourist destination, but is also home to multiple successful industries, one of which is gambling. In fact, since the pandemic, Q2 2023 is one...

EA Sports FC Online Preview for the Asian Games 2023

In the latest eSports news, we will be covering the EA Sports FC Online, which is a virtual football game. Why is this important among other eSport events? This particular one is an eSports medal event at the Asian Games. The 2023 Asian Games is held in Hangzhou and...

How is Sports Betting in Kentucky Doing?

Sports betting in Kentucky launched just last September 7. As the newest betting market in the country, many in the industry are keeping an eye out for their numbers. If you yourself want to get into the sportsbook business, you would be interested to see how...

Alex Eala Moves Up WTA Rankings Just Before Asian Games

Alex Eala is a name you hardly see much in sports news. But we would not be surprised to hear more about her in the weeks, months and years to come. 18-year-old Eala has recently set a new career-best ranking in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), boosting her to...

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