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Being a bookie is not easy. Aside from learning how to set and manage lines, to learning how to manage your players, you also have to handle the running of the actual sportsbook itself. This means taking wagers, checking if your book is balanced, and monitor payouts and such. But with the help of our Bookie Software Solution, your job as a bookie just became easier.

Run Your Own Sportsbook the Easy Way With Our Bookie Software Solution

Bwager is one of the highly regarded bookie pay per head software providers in the industry. For years, we have established ourselves as a reliable company that provides top-tier sportsbook software. We make it easy for bookies to operate their very own sportsbook without having to spend thousands of dollars in hiring people to create software, or run the different aspects of a sportsbook monthly.

Instead, you can be a professional Bookie Pay Per Head and be able to check the entirety of your bookie business in just one site. With our software, you can add track and manage all of your players’ bets. You can track and analyze trends in your sportsbook, which can help you find out the best ways to maximize your profit.¬†With efficiency in mind, our pay per head platform allows bookies to run successful sportsbooks at a very reasonable cost.

Try Our Pay Per Head Software Today

When looking for a bookie software, its always important to consider a provider whose product gives great value for your money. With our pay per head service, bookies will have access to a lot of features, some of which are:

  • Live Sports Betting
  • Thousands of betting lines daily
  • European Sports Betting
  • US sports betting
  • International sports betting
  • Online and Phone Wagering
  • Player management
  • Racebook
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Mobile wagering
  • Access to Customer Support

All of the bookie essentials can be found in just one software, with a price that is pretty tough to beat. And the best way to find out, is to try out our service and find out why online bookies prefer to host their sportsbooks with Bwager.

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