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Live Betting Platform

live betting platformLive betting platform is one of the latest wagering options available for bookie businesses today. It allows players to wager on a sporting event or race as it happens. By adding Live Betting to your online sportsbook, players can place their bets a couple of seconds before the action begins.

As an online bookie business owner, you give your players more than just three to four options on a single game. They can wager on different bets on a single game that can give them higher profits.

Our advanced sports betting software can handle all the actions in real-time. There’s no need to worry about not missing bets or miscalculating winnings. We use advanced gambling technology to handle all the numbers as you collect them.

Live Betting Platform and Software

Our live betting software is scalable and flexible. As a result, small and large sportsbooks alike can use it. The technology used is like a regular betting slip. However, the difference is that you need to record the wager in real-time so that it reflects a couple of seconds before the game starts.

The types of wagers you can place through a live betting platform include various prop bets, totals, money lines, and point spreads. You can even adjust the lines as the game progresses. Bets are recorded instantly for a prop or after the end of a quarter, the halfway point, or match, depending on the type of wager you made.

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