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New Jersey Senate Votes on More Gambling Regulations

New Jersey Senate Votes on More Gambling Regulations

New Jersey Senate Votes on More Gambling RegulationsNew Jersey is one of the best sports betting markets in the US. In the recent months, they have even managed to surpass the handle of Nevada. But like any intelligent industry, key players recognize the need for better sports betting policies. Which is why, we see the New Jersey senate with Senate Resolution 133. This is authored by Senator Paul Sarlo. This resolution will be part of the senate’s Budget and Appropriations meeting early next week. This NCAA resolution proposes sports betting in casinos, and racetracks on collegiate sports in New Jersey, as playoff, championship, tournament, or any postseason event.

This resolution, much to the support of those who use online bookie software, also plans to include events where New Jersey college teams are playing. Normally, local teams and games are excluded from most legal sports betting options. but when you open a sportsbook, you will see that there are way more betting options in an online sportsbook.

New Jersey Senate

The Senate will also be voting on another gambling matter involving fixed odds betting on horse racing in New Jersey. This could potentially impact online casino software, especially those that offer horse racing betting. The bill hopes to offer fixed odds betting on horse races. If this bill passes, it will be signed unto law.

However, the first bill on collegiate sports is a bit more complicated. It needs a majority vote in both houses as well as in 2021. If it does, then it will be included in the November 2021 ballot where New Jersey residents will be able to vote on it. It will be very beneficial for the local industry, especially since New Jersey hosts a lot of athletic events. And since New Jersey teams excel and most likely end up in the postseason of these events, people are denied the chance to bet on these events. Any measure that expands the betting options is good for anyone who wants to open a sportsbook.