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New Hampshire Sports Betting Numbers for December

New Hampshire Sports Betting Numbers for December

In the case of New Hampshire, the numbers for the last month of the year is somewhat bittersweet. On one hand, you have the New Hampshire sports betting handle increasing for December. On the other hand, you have revenue falling from November’s. A lot of pay per head bookie sportsbooks ended the month well, with increases in handle. The same is true for New Hampshire, as their handle is $52.6 million, 11% higher than November’s $46.5 million.

Meanwhile, the online betting handle for December is $43.7 million, 12.4% higher than November’s $38.9 million. Mobile sports betting has 84.7% share over the total handle. For retail sportsbooks, the handle is at $7.96 million. It is $5.3% higher than November’s 7.6 million. For many betting software development companies, this number is quite low.

New Hampshire Sports Betting

New Hampshire Sports Betting Numbers for DecemberWhile the handle is higher in December, the same cannot be said for the state’s gross gaming revenue for sports betting. It is $4.5 million, which is 4.9% lower than November’s $4.8 million. Meaning, more people won their wagers in December than the previous month. In the New England region, only Rhode Island and New Hampshire offer sports betting. But is it enough for New Hampshire?

Many pay per head bookie experts will say that New Hampshire should be doing more than the bare minimum. Especially if they want their numbers up. Currently, there is only one mobile sports betting option in the state. Not only is a monopoly extremely limiting in terms of product offerings and value, it does not allow for the growth of a potentially large betting market. So far, the state collects 51% of the revenue from the sole sportsbook operator. If more operators join, the amount would decrease, as more operators will share in the percentage. However, not only is there no other sportsbook so far, the state actually will limit it to only 5 operators.