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How to Identify and Connect to Your Sportsbook’s Target Market

How to Identify and Connect to Your Sportsbook’s Target Market

One of the biggest hurdles bookies encounter when they open a sportsbook is to identify and connect to your sportsbook’s target market. This is important because with a well-planned marketing program, you can increase your sportsbook’s registration rate, and convert this to a more long-term customer retention strategy.

This means having to look at who you want to join your sportsbook. Are you targeting a specific demographic? Bookies can set many priorities for their target market. It can be a local thing, where you cater to local players. You can be specific to the product offerings as well. A sportsbook pay per head service can give you international betting options, but you can brand your sportsbook as the premier go-to site for betting on the NBA or whatever you want to.

You can also identify a certain age group, or you can be as vague or general as you want. However, if you clearly define who you want to target, then you can improve your strategies to get them to join and bet on your sportsbook.

Identify and Connect to Your Sportsbook’s Target Market

How to Identify and Connect to Your Sportsbook’s Target MarketWhen you set your sights on your target audience, your next step is to form a campaign to get them to join your sportsbook. One effective strategy is to offer bonuses. For example, we are now nearing March Madness. You can target basketball betting fans by offering them bonuses if they bet on NCAA games in your sportsbook. You can do this by looking for online communities specific to college basketball and promote your sportsbook there. This is a good way to maximize your time and resources as you know what you want and how to get it.

This is also a good way to get to know your customer. Most businesses have a KYC process, but this is a more formal one. With your sportsbook, privacy and anonymity can be an issue. So instead of knowing who and where your players live, you can just focus on their interests, and how you can offer your sportsbook to them.

Convert Interest to Revenue

How to Identify and Connect to Your Sportsbook’s Target MarketThankfully, the bookie software cost for pay per head services is very affordable, so you do not need to worry about volume and the cost of operations. In fact, a lot of pay per head providers will only charge you for players that place bets on that specific time period. This helps you save money in case you have players who are not active in your sportsbook.

And since marketing is a numbers game, you want to get as much people to be interested to join your sportsbook. A good welcome bonus can help you with this, and you can set a qualifying bet to ensure that your bonuses will be worth the expense since you automatically convert it to a sale.

Now that you have your new players joining your sportsbook, you now need to keep them active. This means giving them the best bookie service by giving out timely payouts, giving them great betting odds, and offering promotions and bonuses to entice them to bet more. If they are satisfied with your service, they can easily tell their friends about your sportsbook, therefore expanding your customer base without much effort. This can help you earn more without having to spend more- something every bookie would appreciate.


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