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How to Open a Horse Betting Site

How to Open a Horse Betting Site

Horse racing is popular worldwide, and the market for horse betting continues to rise annually. This makes it one of the more popular, and profitable business. And if you learn how to open a horse betting site and use a good racebook platform, you can easily tap a global market of horse racing fans and bettors, and generate consistent income.

Your online racebook can provide multiple wagering options on races from the most prestigious racetracks from around the world. Even with the heavy volume of races and betting options, you will not have a problem managing your horse betting site. By using the best horse racing software for bookies, you can cater to the needs of your players, and be able to manage your racebook’s lines easily.

Is it a Good Idea to Start a Racebook

How to Open a Horse Betting SiteIn 2022, the total global horse racing market recorded a revenue of $402.2 billion. Experts foresee that this industry will grow to earn as much as $793.9 billion by 2030. Horse racing has been popular in countries like the UK, the US, Australia and more. But emerging markets from Asia and the Middle East are also adding to the demand for horse racing.

The horse racing industry also has a large fan following and can attract more publicity, especially with new events like the Dubai World Cup. Technology also contributes to the growth of horse betting, since you can now watch any race from your mobile phone or tablet. Using modern technology not just makes the sport more accessible, but it also helps open another customer base: the younger and more technologically-advanced bettors.

In fact, even the biggest horse racing companies continue to invest in the industry. Last year, Churchill Downs Incorporated acquired Turfway Park in Kentucky, investing $100 million to renovate the facility and construct new additions. The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) also launched their first ever online betting platform last year to modernize their operations and attract a younger demographic.

Given the amount of investments being made in horse racing, and the increasing annual revenue from the industry, it definitely is a great time to join in an become a horse betting bookie.

How to Become a Horse Betting Bookie

How to Open a Horse Betting SiteOne of the first things you need to do is to get as much information about horse racing as you can. You can get your daily updates from horse racing news sites, and then use the information you have to manage your lines better. So you need to be up to date with the latest happenings in the sport.

Next, you will need to know what resources you will need to be a bookie. Nowadays, using a sportsbook pay per head software gives you the best tools in the industry. Not only will you have access to racebook software, but you can also offer sports betting and casino gaming to your players. The software also does not cost a lot, so if you are looking at the start up costs, its not as expensive as you think.

Finally, you need to learn about sportsbook or racebook management. This entails reading guides on how to manage betting odds, when to move them, when to offer bonuses, and more.

How to Open a Horse Betting Site with the Pay Per Head Solution

Of course, to be able to offer horse betting to your players, you need to have an actual racebook where they can log in, check the odds, and place bets. Likewise, you also need a way to check the odds, move the lines, and monitor your player’s bets. You can get all of this with the Pay Per Head Solution in four easy steps.

  1. Register at The first step is so easy, you can do it right now. Head on over to Bwager, claim your free two-week trial of our racebook platform, then sign up and start a racebook. Our free trial does not require a deposit, so you basically get half a month’s worth of operations for free.
  2. Set Up the Racebook. Here, you just need to set the betting limits. You can change these limits as you go on, or customize it to each player you will have.  The software already has the odds in place, as well as the site where your players can view and place bets, so you are good to go.
  3. Add Players. Your next step is to add players to your racebook. You can easily give them access and set limits in real time, so they can join your racebook instantly. You can also use the software to offer a welcome bonus to reward your players and entice them to keep placing wagers on your racebook.
  4. Manage Your Racebook. Now, all you need to do is check and monitor the lines to see if you need to move them based on your players’ activity. You can also spend time recruiting for more players, and adding them to your racebook. And when you need to release winnings to your players, the software can compute everything for you so you can rely on accurate and quick computation of payout amounts.


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