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Gambling in Louisiana: Casino and Sports Betting Numbers for March are In

Gambling in Louisiana: Casino and Sports Betting Numbers for March are In

Our latest gambling news puts gambling in Louisiana on the spotlight as the Bayou state’s sports betting market soars with a $350 million handle for March. Sports Betting in Louisiana is continuing to prove how popular and lucrative sports betting is this year.

The $350 million handle gives sportsbooks a $37.7 million gross revenueGambling in Louisiana: Casino and Sports Betting Numbers for March are In– with a 10.8% hold. There are a lot of factors that contribute to such a healthy betting market. Of course, March is a month filled with college basketball games as the NCAA basketball tournaments are ongoing. You also have the NBA about to close its regular season. Of course, the end of March also signals the start of the MLB season.

This is why it is fairly common to see a bump in betting activity and revenue in March. You can also see if your sportsbook’s numbers and trends are similar with your sportsbook pay per head software. You can generate reports to view your own sportsbook’s handle, revenue, and other important information.

Sports Betting in Louisiana: Where Did Residents Bet?

Another reason why we are seeing a good increase in betting, is because the state had a few online sportsbooks open up shop in 2023, plus in January this year. So the 43.1% increase in handle from year-over-year data could be because of this. March is also the third month that sportsbooks saw a double digit hold- which means better revenue for sportsbooks in the state.

Revenue numbers are also pretty good for basketball, with parlays being the most lucrative bet. Here are the numbers:

Sport/Bet Revenue
Parlay $22.7 million
Basketball $7.2 million
Other $1.2 million
Soccer $496,934
Baseball $442,012
Football $157,444


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Gambling in Louisiana

Meanwhile, the state has a gaming revenue of $220.7 million for the month of March. While the numbers seem quite good, the state is definitely capable of earning more. Currently, only retail gambling is legal in the state, and there are more than 40 casinos operating. If, however, these operators will be given the chance to offer online casino gaming, then $220.7 million will most likely jump to even higher numbers, similar to that of sports betting.

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