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Arizona Bookie Rules are Finally Announced

Arizona Bookie Rules are Finally Announced

A few months ago, the BWager pay per head bookie blog wrote about the signing of the Arizona legislation. This law will allow for sports betting to be offered in the state. While finally having a law is great, the implementation of the law, and the creation of the rules are another set of challenges the state has. However, Arizona bookie rules on sports betting are now available for residents to review.

The Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) published in their website the draft rules for sports betting. They will be having virtual open sessions to discuss the draft rules starting June 18. There will be two sessions, one discussing sports betting, and the other to discuss Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Arizona Bookie Rules

Arizona Bookie Rules are Finally AnnouncedFor those who are learning how to become a bookie, it can be helpful to study how these rules can affect a sportsbook operation. For instance, limiting your product offerings could also limit the potential of your sportsbook to earn. Especially if you consider your betting market. Now, once Arizona finalizes the rules, they can start accepting applications for a sports betting lincese in the state.

The ADG will have 60 days to approve or deny an application, with a July 11 deadline. This means that according to their timeline, there is only a short time for the state to sort out its rules. Especially if they want to start operations by September 9. Which should be the goal. As those who use a good bookie software know, September heralds football season, one of the most profitable sports in the US.