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How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Own Sportsbook?

How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Own Sportsbook?

When you visit most sportsbooks, the graphics and the sheer amount of data being processed each minute can seem intimidating to those who want to become a bookie. The cost of creating your very own sportsbook software seems expensive. But in reality, there are many options for you to choose from. Of course, if you will start from scratch and create your own company, then it truly will cost you hundreds of thousands. Not to mention the many months of potential income spent developing your own software. So, how much exactly will it cost to have your own sportsbook?

If you look at the various sportsbook offerings by pay per head providers, you will see that the cost of creating your own sportsbook can go down to a few hundred, or even less than a hundred each month. In fact, your startup fees are practically at a zero, with a very reasonable usage fee. You see, in the pay per head industry, you basically get to use a software service that is specially made for bookies. And true to its name, you only pay a specified fee per player, per week.

Have Your Own Sportsbook

How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Own Sportsbook?Using a cost-efficient sportsbook pay per head is the most popular option used by many bookies around the world. It is, after all, very practical to just set up and customize your own sportsbook website, and pay a minimal fee. The good thing about it is, you only pay what is equal to what your players use. You will never be overcharged, and sometimes, providers offer discounts to bookies with a larger customer base.

This gives bookies the advantage of having lower operational costs that allows you to increase your profit even more. A lot of pay per head providers charge a range of between $3 to $20 per head. Sometimes it depends on the services you need. But the really good ones are usually very affordable, so price should not dictate the service you choose. At the end of the day, go for a provider that offers the best value for your money.