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Will the Los Angeles Lakers Still Make the Play-In?

Will the Los Angeles Lakers Still Make the Play-In?

The Los Angeles Lakers were again unable to earn a win in tonight’s game against the Utah Jazz. Their season hangs in the balance, and yet we do not know if they will still be able to make it. In many a bookie pay per head blog, some sports analysts still believe that the team can still pull through, especially if we get LeBron James and Anthony Davis back in the court.

And when you study how bookies make money, you will learn that popular teams like the Lakers can generate more action than other teams when they have a game. They tend to attract recreational bettors, and sports fans who want to bet on their favorite team. To be fair, the Lakers have been a good team to root for. Any team with high-profile players are. But now, many are questioning if they can deliver.

Los Angeles Lakers For the Rest of the Season

Will the Los Angeles Lakers Still Make the Play-In?This is the 4th straight game that the Lakers have lost. Again, if you use a sportsbook pay per head, keep track of Lakers news as wagers for this team will be very exciting in the next few days. They are also playing below .500 in their last 14 games. Many fans, even former players, have been expressing their disappointment over the Lakers.

Will the Lakers be able to turn things around?

Insider rumors are spreading that both James and Davis will be returning on Friday in their game against the Pelicans. This will be a very crucial game for the team, especially if they want to get into the play-in. Despite having so many popular and powerful players, the team should take a look at what is going on, and how they can save the rest of the season, for however long (or short) it will be for them.


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