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Starting a Pay Per Head Business: Adding Players to Your Sportsbook

Starting a Pay Per Head Business: Adding Players to Your Sportsbook

Learning how to start a bookie business at home is easy, thanks to so many resources that you can find online. Here at Bwager, we have quite a lot of guides to help you find your footing in the sports betting industry. We have tutorials on sports betting, and a lot of helpful advice should you want to become a bookie. Today, we will be talking about adding players to your sportsbook.

Keep in mind that the best tool for your bookie operation is a bookie software solution, so before starting your sportsbook, make sure that you are truly using the best sports betting software for bookies. Otherwise, all your efforts will be wasted when you will need to migrate your sportsbook to another sportsbook.

Adding Players to Your Sportsbook

Now, when adding players to your sportsbook, make sure that you have your bookie sportsbook all set up. Generally, adding players is the last step since once your players gain access to your sportsbook, they can literally view the odds and place a bet. Once you are ready, you can now start creating profiles for your players. This will give them a username and a password they can configure to log in.

So go to your bookie software, and create a profile for them. You will also need to set limits for each player. You can choose to start with a uniform limit for your bettors. For example, you can set a minimum wager of $5 and a maximum of $50 or $100, then increase them as you gain more experience. Or, you can customize the limits of your players. This is usually the case when the bookie either knows the player personally, or has had enough interactions with the player to see their betting habits and are capable of betting more.

Your final step, is to let your players know that their account is active. That’s it, you’ve done your part in adding players to your sportsbook. Now you can just wait for the wagers to come in, and adjust your lines as needed. You can also spend time learning about tips to grow your bookie business, or how you can expand your sportsbook operation.


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