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Michigan Sportsbooks Take in More Wagers

Michigan Sportsbooks Take in More Wagers

Most bookie pay per head blog writers always look at the numbers of various sports betting markets and observe the trends. The numbers, after all, can easily tell us the direction of the sports betting market, which helps bookies plan their operation. So looking at the data from markets such as Michigan sportsbooks, for instance, can help us know if its time to get ready for the peak season. Given the sports betting numbers in the state for September, it looks like its time to buckle up.

According to the Michigan Gaming Control Board, the total sports betting handle of Michigan sportsbooks for September is at $383.1 million. This gives us a very steep increase of 40% from August’s $229.7 million. If anything, this should motivate you to get started and learn how to open a sportsbook soon. Especially now that historically speaking, the numbers will only continue to increase as the months go by. Especially with both football and basketball seasons active.

Michigan Sportsbooks: Online Over Retail

Michigan Sportsbooks Take in More WagersAnother trend that we are seeing based on the report is that online sportsbooks are now taking in more wagers than brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Retail sportsbooks have a $18.5 million handle for this month. This is 43% lower than 2021’s $32.5 million. Meanwhile, online sports betting has a September handle of $364.5 million, which is around 3% higher than the $354.2 million from September 2021.

Again, the shift to online sportsbooks is also something that many in the sports betting industry expect, as it has been happening much more rapidly over the past 2 years or so. Which is why getting the best pay per head sportsbook software as soon as possible is very important, so you can launch your online sportsbook immediately. The gross sports betting revenue for the state’s sportsbooks is $50.4 million, so the potential for bookies to earn well is really good.


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