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Ohio Prohibits Betting in College Baseball Team

Ohio Prohibits Betting in College Baseball Team

In our latest bookie pay per head blog update, we are taking a look at regulated sports betting. Specifically, betting restrictions set by regulators. When legalizing sports betting, legislators can set the limits on what people can bet on, how much they can bet, where they can bet, and how bettors can pay for it. In Ohio’s case Ohio is prohibiting betting in college baseball- specifically that of the University of Alabama.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission serves as oversight for gambling in the state. And because of an integrity’s firms recent report, the commission has decided to restrict betting on college baseball games that involve the said university. Unlike a pay per head sportsbook where you can bet on anything you want to, bettors in Ohio will have to look for Crimson Tide action elsewhere.

Ohio Prohibits Betting in College Baseball TeamBetting in College Baseball: No More Crimson Tide Betting

The Commission will continue to investigate the issue noted by their integrity monitors regarding wagers made on the University of Alabama. While they are looking into the matter, however, they will have to ban betting on games involving the school. Any wagers that are made on a specific event will have to be voided as well. In your bookie pay per head sportsbook, that would mean a void of futures bets.

The issue under discussion now is about the game of Alabama last weekend. They played the first of three series at LSU. But even with the ban on the games, sportsbooks in Ohio can still pull in a lot of potential revenue. The Buckeye state, after all, has taken over $1.7 billion in wagers since January 1.


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