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Lionel Messi Plays First Official MLS Match

Lionel Messi Plays First Official MLS Match

Those who will open an online soccer sportsbook will make a lot of money out of the MLS now. With players moving to the American soccer league, the popularity of clubs and leagues have increased. And with Lionel Messi entering the league with Inter Miami, expect everything to go crazy. And it has. Ticket prices have skyrocketed, jersey sales have increased. Sportsbooks are getting a huge jump in MLS betting compared to Pre-Messi times. And Lionel Messi plays first official MLS match against the New York Red Bulls.

Inter Miami played well, with Diego Gomez scoring the first goal for Miami in the 37th minute. But with Messi in the team, you will notice in your sportsbook pay per head service that the betting lines show more than just one point for the lead. And that is because of Messi. On the 60th minute, Messi came in, and by the 89th minute, scored another goal to secure a win for Miami.

Given Messi’s popularity, Even New York fans were probably going wild when Messi scored that goal as well.

Lionel Messi Plays First Official MLS Match

Lionel Messi Plays First Official MLS MatchThe match was exciting, and New York knows to try to keep the ball away from Messi. And as they went closer to the goal, they guarded him well. Messi kicks the ball outwards towards Benjamin Cremaschi, who passes it back to Messi in a tight kick, which gets Messi the perfect shot for a goal.

It looks like the welcome for the Argentinian star was very, very warm. When the audience found out that Messi was not starting, the crowd was chanting “We Want Messi” routinely until they saw him warming up.

The win was great for Miami. This is their 9th straight win with Messi in the roster. But more than that, this was the first regular season win that Inter Miami has in 15 weeks. For a team that sits in the bottom of the rankings, this is such a huge boost to their confidence. However, it will be very challenging for Miami to get into the playoffs. They have nine matches to go. And if you want to become a bookie, you’d best get started soon so you can get in on the action should Miami get into the playoffs of the MLS.


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