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Victor Wembanyama Commits to Play for France in 2024 Olympics

Victor Wembanyama Commits to Play for France in 2024 Paris Olympics

NBA overall No. 1 Draft Pick Victor Wembanyama has previously said that he wants to play in the 2024 Paris Olympics for his home country. And he recently reiterated his commitment to do so when he was speaking to French media. As early as now, sports news coverage of the Olympics is starting to feature teams or athletes that have confirmed their commitments to their respective home countries.

The French National team gets an automatic bid in the 2024 Olympics as the host country. And their men’s basketball team are fortunate for that, given their less-than-stellar performance back in the FIBA World Cup in August. France finished 18th in the tournament, bowing out in the first round of the group play, with 1-3 in their three games. Wembanyama did not join the team in the World Cup to focus on preparing for the upcoming NBA season.

Victor Wembanyama to Play for France in 2024 Paris Olympics

Victor Wembanyama Commits to Play for France in 2024 OlympicsWembanyama, of course, watched the FIBA World Cup. Everybody in the basketball world did. Even bookies who use a Pay Per Head Sportsbook to offer basketball betting, were watching the tournament in Southeast Asia last month. It is, after all, one of the most prestigious events in international basketball. The event also adds points for those who want to compete in Paris next year. It also gives us insight on the teams and their performance and what to expect in the Olympics.

Wembanyama was naturally disappointed in the result, but holds no judgement. Instead, he is looking forward to the opportunity to be in Paris and compete. The French roster can add a lot of familiar names to NBA fans. Aside from Wembanyama, three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert can also join the team. Other French NBA players like Nicolas Batum and Evan Fournier could also help make France a team to watch out for in Paris. If Joel Embiid decides to play for France instead of the US, then the team will be even more formidable. Let us not forget that the French National Men’s Basketball Team won a silver medal back in the 2020 Olympics, only second to Team USA.

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