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The Red Bull and Sergio Perez Issue: What Could Happen

The Red Bull and Sergio Perez Issue: What Could Happen

Much of the most recent Auto Racing headlines have been focusing on Red Bull, specifically with driver Sergio Perez. AlphaTauri has confirmed its driver lineup for 2024, and while his name is still there, it is clear, through other statements, that Perez is in a rocky place. One of the sources with the heftiest weight comes from Red Bull Advisor Helmut Marko. And it looks like all is not well between Red Bull and Sergio Perez.

When you look at betting news and updates on bet sports online, specifically Formula 1 betting, you will have noticed that over the past few weeks, Perez has been performing less impressively as he has done in the past. Recently, during the Japanese GP, Marko brought up this subject, voicing his concerns about the driver. Then in Qatar, team principal Christian Horner also raised similar concerns.

To be fair to the Mexican driver, the Qatar run was very brutal, and a lot of drivers struggled to finish their races. But since the statements on Perez happened before that, quite a few things could happen to him.

Red Bull and Sergio Perez: Will They Part Ways?The Red Bull and Sergio Perez Issue: What Could Happen

It has been mentioned that perhaps Perez will thrive in a new team, and this may just happen if he is not able to push for a higher position in the Championship. Of course, Red Bull will still give Perez all the support that they can. Perez is at 2nd place, and has a 200+ point difference from Verstappen. So while it may be impossible to get to the top spot, he can aim for as high as he can points-wise and sustain his position.

Given how increasingly competitive the Formula has become over the last few years, it is understandable to see drivers come and go. The frequency of transfers is not be as high as that of other sports like basketball or football, so it really is a big deal when things like this happen. In any case, keep an eye out on the lines for Red Bull in your bookie pay per head software in the next few weeks as this issue continues.


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