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Alabama Sports Betting and Gambling Bills Get Nod From House

Alabama Sports Betting and Gambling Bills Get Nod From House

In the latest, and one of the most surprising updates in the gambling industry, Alabama sports betting and gambling bills are passed by the House of Representatives. If you keep track of the latest news aside from reading sportsbook pay per head reviews as you work your way to become a bookie, you will know just how hard it is to pass sports betting bills unto law. Especially in states like Alabama.

However, the Alabama House or Representatives earlier passed both House Bill 151 and House Bill 152. These bills talk about the creation of a new state lottery, additional casinos, and finally, bringing sports betting into Alabama.

Alabama Sports Betting and Gambling in Detail

Alabama Sports Betting and Gambling Bills Get Nod From HouseOne telling piece of information that explains the demand for sports betting in the state, comes from GeoComply, as they tag locations of bettors. According to their data, during the Super Bowl along, there were 35,000 geolocation checks from devices in Alabama trying to access online sportsbooks. That is potentially 35,000 bettors that sportsbooks could have made money on if the state allowed sports betting.

And putting up sportsbooks, especially online ones, are quite easy with the right bookie software. So it will not be hard for operators to launch their sportsbooks in the state. But easy as it is, there are still some hurdles before we can see sports betting exist in the state.

Your bookie software solution software can handle both online sports betting and casino gaming. Thus, it will give you a lot of revenue. This is why the state has two bills to address this. HB 151 proposes to amend the constitution to allow a state lottery, casinos, sports betting, raffles and bingo. HB 152 then details the gambling expansion, such as licensing for sportsbook operators. These bills will have to pass the Senate, voted on by residents this November, before they land on the desk of the Governor and finally be legalized.

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