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Sports Betting in Maine Shows Increase in Revenue Despite Decline in Handle

Sports Betting in Maine Shows Increase in Revenue Despite Decline in Handle

In the latest sports betting news, we are looking at sports betting in Maine for this January. Their numbers are quite interesting, because even if there is a decrease in monthly handle, revenue for sportsbooks increase. In fact, January’s handle is the worst in the state since its launch two and a half months ago. The decrease in handle coincides with fewer football games as the NFL slows down to the Championship.

When you open a bookie website, you will have the ability to generate reports covering a specific time period. This can help you determine if your sportsbook is earning money, and if it is in line with the trends that similar markets are experiencing.

Sports Betting in Maine in Sync with Other Markets

Sports Betting in Maine Shows Increase in Revenue Despite Decline in HandleAccording to the latest numbers from the Maine Gambling Control Unit, sportsbooks in Maine collected $38.1 million in wagers in January. This is lower than December’s $44.4 million. But those in the industry are far from worried, since sportsbooks also saw a rise in revenue. In addition, the decrease in handle is similar to what other states are experiencing, and is typical for the time of year when football games dwindle down to just a few.

Revenue is at $5.4 million, which is much higher than December 2023’s $4.4 million. The numbers are also quite good, considering there are only two sportsbooks operating in the state. Meanwhile, the state collects $545,000 in taxes, which is higher than the previous month by around 24.4%.

Even though football season is about to end with the Super Bowl in February, there are still a lot of betting options for players. You have the NBA, and college basketball as popular options for bettors. Other sports like hockey, tennis, and soccer can also generate activity for your sportsbook. As long as you use the best sportsbook pay per head software, then you will have no problems offering a wide variety of sports betting options to your players.


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