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Oregon Sports Betting Report for June Sees Lower Handle

Oregon Sports Betting Report for June Sees Lower Handle

The latest Oregon sports betting report for the month of June shows us a decrease in total sports betting handle. It does, however, also give us the opposite in revenue, as it increases from its May’s numbers. A lot of bookies that use the leading pay per head provider are able to look at the monthly data of their sportsbooks. This can help sportsbooks operators know what factors are causing growth or decreases in activity and revenue.

Just like many sportsbook pay per head bookies, Oregon has been enjoying a few months of growth in terms of sports betting handle. However, June’s total handle is at $24.9 million. This is 10.4% lower than May’s $27.8 million. The highest betting handle that the Oregon sports betting market has was from January of this year, with $34.9 million.

Oregon Sports Betting Report

Oregon Sports Betting Report for June Sees Lower HandleThe sport that was most bet on was basketball, which we credit to the NBA, with $12.9 million of wagers. Baseball follows suit at $5.5 million, and soccer at $2.4 million. Meanwhile, revenue for the state for June is at $2.843 million, which is 20.9% higher than that of May’s $2.350 million. Keep in mind that Oregon is a single-source betting market, with only one sportsbook for the state, run by the Oregon Lottery System.

This is very limiting, but legislation to increase and increase sportsbooks in the state is not moving in the legislative department. Without many options, residents are left with no choice but to wager on just one set of lines. Having more betting options and competition can give players better lines. Even more, using the best betting software for sports betting can also give players a great sports betting experience. But for now, Oregon residents will have to make do with their lone sportsbook.