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Sports Betting Numbers in Nevada Drop in June

Sports Betting Numbers in Nevada Drop in June

When you come across a few bookie pay per head blog sites, you will most likely read about the different trends in sports betting. You will learn when the months can be very lucrative due to a lot of sports events, or when to expect a slump, as most sports leagues will be in the off season. Summer is one such season where most in the industry do not put too much hope in beating previous months’ records. Such is the case of the sports betting numbers in Nevada this June.

Regardless what software for small and large sportsbooks you use, if there are fewer sports events to bet on, then your handle will be lower. We could see increases in revenue, but the chances of that are low. For Nevada, the state’s sportsbooks took in $490.56 million in wagers this June. This is 12.7% lower than May’s $562 million handle.

Sports Betting Numbers in Nevada

Sports Betting Numbers in Nevada Drop in JuneJune is also the first month in nine months that the monthly handle had no increase from the previous month. In addition, it was also the lowest total handle that the state has reported since August 2021’s $427.4 million. But that’s not the only surprising number- its year-on-year numbers are not looking good. We are seeing a 10% year-on-year decrease from June 2021’s $545.4 million handle.

While the numbers are going down, it still should not be too concerning, since the sports betting and bookie software industry is still flourishing. Sports betting volume, or the quantity of wagers made in Nevada for sports betting in June is 32.1% higher than the previous year. June’s handle was mostly from baseball, taking in around 60% of the total handle. Currently, the MLB is the biggest professional sports leagues currently running.


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