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Argentina Beats Netherlands in World Cup Quarterfinals

Argentina Beats Netherlands in World Cup Quarterfinals

Argentina facing Netherlands is always going to be a good match to watch. Both teams have rosters or really good players. And of course, you will have Lionel Messi on the field as well. Many believe this could be the last round of Messi in the World Cup, so sports fans want him to win a trophy this year. And their World Cup Quarterfinals match where they beat Netherlands makes them one step closer to achieving this dream.

If you read a sportsbook pay per head blog, you should know that the World Cup can generate millions in wagers whenever it happens. And this tournament is only around every 4 years. And as sports betting gains more popularity, more and more wagers are coming in. In Argentina’s latest match, Nahuel Molina and Lionel Messi are heroes as they score the 2-0 win for the team in blue and white.

World Cup Quarterfinals for Argentina

Argentina Beats Netherlands in World Cup QuarterfinalsWith around 8 minutes left into the match, Wout Weghorst ensured that the game would go to extra time. With such a crucial game that saw a lot of action with many pay per head service providers, every minute counts. But even with 30 minutes, Netherlands failed to catch up to the two-point lead. With the match decided on penalties, Argentina’s goalkeeper Emi Martinez saved the day. He was blocking 2 of the spot kicks of the Netherlands.

18 yellow cards and one red card were issued throughout the match- proving just how exciting the match was. If you want to make more money from soccer betting, check your bookie software features and look at other wagering options you can offer to your players.


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