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Report on Sports Betting in Pennsylvania in November is Out

Report on Sports Betting in Pennsylvania in November is Out

In the latest sports betting news at the network, we bring you the newest report on sports betting in Pennsylvania. The keystone state is one of the top states in the US in terms of generating sports betting volume as well as revenue. However, according to the report from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the betting handle for November is a slight dip from the previous month.

The total monthly betting handle for the state is at $789.2 million for November, which is lower than October’s 4797.1 million. But the dip is nothing to worry about, especially when this year’s numbers are better than November 2021’s handle of $761.6 million.

Of course, when you are choosing the best bookie software, make sure that you are using one that can help you generate reports so you can see the status of your sportsbook each day, week, or month. This will help you track trends, see if you are turning a profit, and see where you can improve your sportsbook operation.

Report on Sports Betting in Pennsylvania in November is OutSports Betting in Pennsylvania is Still Going Strong

And when you are running a pay per head sportsbook operation, revenue is important. For sportsbooks in Pennsylvania, the gross revenue for November almost reached $70 million, with an 8.9% hold. After deducting $17.1 million in fees and other items like promotions, the taxable revenue left was $52.9 million. The government stands to collect $18 million in taxes, which is the highest monthly tax so far in the fiscal year.

Many in the industry are optimistic that the handle for December will be higher in sportsbooks. The NFL and NBA are going strong, and we also have the World Cup. Of course, other sports like hockey, tennis, golf and other events also generate wagers.


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