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A Quick Guide to Bookie Payouts

A Quick Guide to Bookie Payouts

In our bookie tutorials, we are showing you the quickest way to become a bookie. These tips are not a short cut however. It just happens that the best sportsbook software is also the quickest path to become a bookie. We have covered the basics of the software in previous posts. Today, we would like to walk you through the process one by one, starting with bookie payouts.

A payout is the money that a player won, and can pull out from your sportsbook or casino. Generally, you need to request for a payout on the bookie software to be given to you. The money can be released within minutes, a few hours, to a few days.

As a bookie, your job is to ensure that your player get their payouts, and that they are happy with the process. Because of sports betting software development companies, you will not have to worry. All of the wagers placed in your sportsbook is monitored, so payouts are easily converted and computed.

Guide to Bookie Payouts

  • A Quick Guide to Bookie PayoutsSet a Schedule. Your first step is to set a schedule for your players. The schedule really depends on you and your schedule, or the preferences of your players. For instance, some bookies prefer a set day each week for payouts. Meanwhile, other bookies prefer to set a timeline. For instance, You can simply say that payouts take 8 hours to 4 days. That gives you ample time to prepare for any payouts. It also helps make sure that your players will not be feeling bad about waiting too long for their money.
  • Pay Out Correct Amounts In a Timely Manner. This, more than anything, can make or break a customer’s bet. Again, your bookie software has the feature where it computes everything for you, so you can easily issue payouts as needed.
  • Offer a Variety of Payment Options. Your player should find it easy to collect payment from vendors. This can help you not just with your players, but with your convenience as well. If a payment channel goes under maintenance, you will have other options.


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