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Katie Ledecky Breaks Michael Phelp’s Medal Record

Katie Ledecky Breaks Michael Phelp’s Medal Record

The Olympics are a popular topic in global gambling news, since the sports involved are popular all over the world. Today, we take a look at popular US athletes as swimmer Katie Ledecky breaks Michael Phelp’s record. She has officially won her 16th world title, which breaks the tie she has with Phelps. She won the 800-meter freestyle at the World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka, Japan.

If you are looking to bet on Ledecky, you will find her in multiple lines of a bookie pay per head sportsbook. Ledecky also won the 1500-meter freestyle event at 17.04 seconds. Then she also won the 800-meter freestyle in the weekend.

Katie Ledecky on Her World Record

Katie Ledecky Breaks Michael Phelp’s Medal RecordLedecky states that she is thrilled to be in the same conversation with the likes of Phelps. Phelps is an international sensation after he dominated in swimming in previous Olympic and other international tournaments. Swimming is another popular international sport for bettors. If you want to know what other Olympic sports are popular in sportsbooks, this sportsbook pay per head blog can help you.

Meanwhile, Ledecky, who wants to win more medals for the USA, will be preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics. It will not be unfamiliar territory for the swimmer, as she has been joining the Olympics since 2012. It was there when she won her first Olympic Gold Medal in the 800-meter freestyle. Then, in 2016, she won four more gold medals, plus a silver medal in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

She also won two more medals, and a couple more silver medals in the Tokyo Olympics back in 2021. Given how popular and dominant she is in swimming, she will be someone worth watching out for when Olympics betting begins next year. It would not be surprising if she will end up adding more medals to her name in Paris.


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