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Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Launches Rio Rewards

Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Launches Rio Rewards

When you are learning how to open an online casino, experts will tell you that you need to have the software to help you with running and expanding your operations. A big part of that would entail offering promotions, bonuses, and rewards to your players. With most sportsbooks offering rewards, it is practically expected by players. While it is an expense, it still pushes for player retention, and can even attract new players, so it is a worthwhile expense. Even big casinos offer this, like the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is under new ownership and management. With Dreamscape Companies acquiring the property from Caesars Entertainment back in 2019, they are now changing things up a bit. They created a rewards program that customers and players can use throughout the property. If you look at your online casino software, there are options to issue rewards and such to players based on activity, membership joining, and other factors. Rio Rewards offers these.

Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Offers Rio Rewards

The Rio Rewards program has four main tiers: Rouge, Azul, Gold, and Platinum. These rewards offer complimentary hotel stays, show tickets, early check in/out options, dining credits, drink vouchers and more. Of course, in an online casino, rewards are a bit different. Bookies who manage their online casinos through a casino pay per head service offer much direct benefits to players. They can get free credits, free wagers, and similar bonuses to their players.

With Rio Rewards now live, players will no longer be able to earn rewards through Caesars Rewards cards, which was in use with the previous management. The transition will be made easy and accessible to their customers to ensure a seamless switch from one program to another. Dreamscape’s expansion in Nevada is very timely, as the local gaming market continues to perform well. In fact, revenue has increased by 3% this year, with a total revenue of $1.16 billion back in June 2023.


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