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Senate Passes Sports Betting Bill in Massachusetts; No College Betting

Senate Passes Sports Betting Bill in Massachusetts; No College Betting

Finally, the Senate passes its sports betting bill in Massachusetts. The bad news, is that residents will not be able to bet on college sports. Those who use a bookie pay per head software are able to earn from offering a wide variety of sports betting options. The case will not be the same for local sportsbooks.

While the bill seems restrictive, this is actually a big move for the state Senate, as they have already rejected previous bills that aim to legalize sports betting in their state. If this bill passes, Massachusetts will be the only other state aside from Illinois that prohibits sports betting on college sports.

Sports Betting Bill in Massachusetts

Senate Passes Sports Betting Bill in Massachusetts; No College BettingWhen finding out what to look for in a sports betting platform, you will want to have as many wagering options as possible to offer. While many believe that college sports betting may just be a minor issue, it is actually not. A lot of sportsbooks have profited over college sports betting, especially that of college football and college basketball.

In fact, a lot of sports betting software solution providers report that sportsbooks had a higher handle back in March, largely due to March Madness, the postseason of college basketball. However, the state Senate believes that by prohibiting college sports betting, they will be able to protect the general public as well as college sports.

What’s Next for Massachusetts?

Now, the bill will be going back to the House for approval. Given the many changes on the provisions of this bill, it may take a few more discussions and amendments before it passes. Should the bill pass, it will then be sent to the Governor’s office.


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