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A Bookie Guide to Football Betting

A Bookie Guide to Football Betting

As a bookie, one of your biggest paydays will be football season. With both the NFL and NCAA football running, you will have plenty of games to cover each day. That means that you can actually see a higher handle, and more frequent betting from your players. And when in the process of becoming a bookie, you are taught how to make the most out of this. After all, your sportsbook performs different each month, and in the season when football is active, you should definitely earn as much as you can. Here is our bookie guide to football betting.

Now, we are assuming here that you have a really good bookie software to help you run your sportsbook. Any pay per head provider will provide you with the sports betting lines, so you will need to tweak them as needed. And this, is perhaps the most important responsibility you will have as a bookie. You need to make sure that your lines are as balanced as you can. Adjust them as you see fit. Your sportsbook software will reflect these changes in real time, so you will not have to worry about any delays.

Bookie Guide to Football Betting

A Bookie Guide to Football BettingWhen you learn how to be a bookmaker, you will learn about the many betting options and wager types you can offer your players. The most basic wagers, the spread, moneyline, and totals will be enough to bring in a lot of action. But when it comes to football, there are a lot of wagers that will see a lot of action as well. For one, prop bets will be more popular now. Parlays will also be popular given the frequency of games in a day, or in a week.

Live betting is also something to keep an eye out on. You will need to be attentive to the lines here, since the wagers are offered, and happen, as the game is ongoing. You can earn a lot from live or in play betting, so make sure you remember this when you get busy.

Lastly, do not forget to take care of your players. Offer them rewards for bringing in new players to bet on football. Or, offer them a free bet for every 20 wagers they place on the NFL. You have total control over the bonus or promotion you can offer. This is one of the best ways to get more players, and help you with customer retention as well.


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