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Sports Betting in Colorado Has Higher Revenue in July

Sports Betting in Colorado Has Higher Revenue in July

Sports betting in Colorado has a higher revenue in July, even though the state records a lower month-on-month handle. According to the Colorado Division of Gaming’s report, the total sports betting handle for Colorado is at $258.4 million this July. This is much lower than June’s $313.3 million by around 17.5%. Meanwhile, gross revenue for July is at $20.8 million.

If your pay per head sportsbook operation has a similar trend in numbers, then it is pretty typical for the summer. With less sports games to cover, sportsbooks usually take in a lot less in handle. However, wagering is not the only indicator one should look at in terms of having a successful online sportsbook.

Another indicator is revenue. In the case of Colorado, their revenue increased from the previous month. The adjusted revenue of the state is at $14.2 million. This is the third highest number in its 27 months of operation.

Sports Betting in Colorado Has Higher Revenue in JulySports Betting in Colorado: The Numbers

If you check your bookie pay per head sportsbook, you will be able to generate reports that are specific to the parameters you can select. One way of reviewing your sportsbook is to see where the wagers went. For instance, baseball was the clear winner in sports betting in Colorado, taking in around $110.6 million. This is the highest baseball handle the state has seen. Tennis is the surprise second top sport that people bet on, with a $24.4 million handle. Basketball comes in at a close third, with $23.4 million in wagers.

Of course, many who use good gambling software and platform know that this dip is only temporary. August will bring in the start of football wagers, so many are expecting that the numbers will be higher. But given that Colorado residents bet on uncommon sports wagering with tennis, table tennis, and volleyball, the state can easily bounce back in the next month.

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