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Sportsbooks in Kentucky Record an Incredible Start to Sports Betting

Sportsbooks in Kentucky Record an Incredible Start to Sports Betting

In our sportsbook PPH blog, we like to keep track of the various sports betting markets in the country, and around the world. By doing so, we are helping bookies gain a better idea of the conditions of the industry. We are also helping them determine the many trends that are happening to help guide them in running their sportsbooks. One of the latest markets to emerge in the US would be that of Kentucky’s, going live just this September. And sportsbooks in Kentucky record an incredible start in sports betting.

The bluegrass state offers both retail and online sports betting options to their residents, and have seen since September. It is quite good timing, since football season starts in this month as well. A lot of bookies using the best Bookie Pay Per Head services report record high handles during this time of year, and it seems that those in Kentucky are sharing the same trend.

Sportsbooks in Kentucky See Half a Billion in Handle So Far

Sportsbooks in Kentucky Record an Incredible Start to Sports BettingSince going live in September, sportsbooks in the state have taken in $656 million in bets. So far, online sportsbooks have the lion’s share at $629.5 million, while retail sportsbooks have $26.8 million in bets. Seeing as online sports betting is the main platform bettors prefer nowadays, more and more bookies are going online with the help of a good sportsbook pay per head software.

So far, the state also benefits from sports betting, at the tune of $8 million in tax revenue for the two months that sports betting is live.

According to the numbers, bettors from Kentucky are betting at an average of $65.2 million a week, with around half a million accounts. Industry experts are expecting the number to increase as well. Not only are they seeing an influx of new player registration and higher betting handles, but with operators as well. Currently, the state can still add more operators to have an online license, or build and operate a brick-and-mortar sportsbook.


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