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A Bookie Guide to Player Profiling

A Bookie Guide to Player Profiling

Knowing your customer is one of the most important aspects in customer relations. Its not just because you want to build a good professional relationship to inspire loyalty. It goes deeper than that, which you will discover as you go learn how to be a bookie. In fact, financial institutions have the term Know Your Customer or KYC to get and verify the background and resources of their customers. It is less stringent in the bookie business, but knowing your customer is something that you should be doing. Today, we will give you a quick bookie guide to player profiling.

Getting the basic demographics from your players can be helpful, but often unnecessary for a pay per head bookie. Many players actually appreciate the discretion and privacy offered to them by online sportsbooks. So, what we will be focusing on instead is their betting behaviors, which we will divide into a few categories.

Bookie Guide to Player Profiling

A Bookie Guide to Player ProfilingOur first behavior is the frequency and where their wagers are spent. Many players who are smart about their wagering follow a bankroll or a schedule when it comes to betting. Some may place only one bet a day, or would only bet on basketball games. Or, a player could also just bet on a specific team, or even stick to local college and professional teams. This could tell you if the bettor is a recreational bettor if they bet on specific teams. If they bet on a regular basis with specific amounts, or it seems there is a pattern, then you may have a serious sports bettor enjoying your sports betting software.

Next, would be how much they bet. Are they what in the casino industry call high rollers? Or do they bet smaller but bet in more games? This will be important especially with line management. If you can tell where your high rollers usually bet, then you should pay attention to those lines to reduce risk.

However, player profiling is not just for knowing what to expect in your sportsbook. Its also to flush out bettors who are trying to exploit your sportsbook or your lines. For example, if you have a player that bets a weird amount, such as $46.75, then another bet $23.41, then be wary. Arbitrage bettors then to shop for specific lines, and bet on them over multiple sportsbooks to guarantee a win. Its all computed down to the last cent, so they can be very easy to spot.


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